Meduxnekeag River Association

Association wins Lt Governor's Award

The Meduxnekeag River Association has been awarded the New Brunswick Lt-Governor's Award for Excellence in Land Conservation in recognition of our success in protecting the properties we have acquired for the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve. The Preserve now totals more than 840 acres in 12 named permanently protected properies, almost all of them riparian land along the Meduxnekeag River.

This year's showcase theme is "Being Green in my Environment"

The theme, as in previous years, is to be the central part of the student projects. Within the theme, projects can focus on any of a variety of aspects of Being Green in my Environment; for example:

1. What do you do at home, or school to be "green"?
2. What do you do at home or school to reduce your impact on the environment?
3. How do you contribute to a "greener" environment around you?
4. What are some of the options for conservation (energy, habitats, reusing) in your home, school and community?
5. What can we do today to ensure a "greener" future? i.e. local food production, public transit, etc.
6. How did your parents and grandparents practice being "green and clean" that is different from today, eg. Storing foods, reusing products, etc.

Note that the above are only examples; they are not intended to be the only way to focus on the theme; projects which respond to the theme in other ways are perfectly acceptable! Please note that projects do not have to be about or based on the Meduxnekeag River, instead it is about You and the Environment in your immediate area.

This is not about Bengal Tigers, or some far off animal/place - it needs to be local, preferably in their backyard . We want the students to report on Being Green and Clean as they experience, or are aware of it. Projects are to be completed by individual students. Your project can be artwork, constructions, model, diagram, poster, photo's, or any combination and must include something written in your own handwriting or printing (as short as a few sentences for Kindergarten and as long as an essay for Grade 5 students)

The local libraries have information on this topic and there are extensive resources on the internet. Most importantly, we want the students to get out and explore their surrounding human and natural environment to learn about Being Green in my Environment - this creates an experiential learning experience for the student and reinforces connections to their surrounding natural environment.

In school Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase begins February 2015 and carries on until April 24, 2015

Grand Finale Showcase on April 25, 2015 at NBCC Woodstock Gymnasium, 100 Broadway Street, Woodstock

May and June 2015
Schedule a curriculum linked guided walk of the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve for your class. This is a great time to visit the Preserve as many of the rare and unique plants are in flower and readily identifiable. Walks last for an hour to an hour and a half and can be tailored to what your class is learning, or has learned. Bus bookings are your responsibility and must be done at least two weeks prior to the field trip. Meduxnekeag River Association will cover all busing costs. Contact the Meduxnekeag River Association office at 328-8227 or via email at to confirm field trip details. “

MRA Wins $10,000 Hometown Heroes Award

The Meduxnekeag River Association has been selected from more than seventy nominees nationwide as Canada’s 2012 Hometown Heroes Group Award winner by Earth Day Canada, the award sponsor.

“These Canadians are shining examples of people making significant strides towards the betterment of our environment,” says Jed Goldberg, President of EDC. “They have been instrumental in cultivating change at the local level and deserve national recognition for their community-based conservation and social change efforts.”

MRA promotes, encourages and assists in the protection, restoration and responsible use of the Meduxnekeag River Watershed. Since its inception, MRA has acquired and protected 11 ecologically significant properties totaling 700 acres of land and 8.6 km of shoreline. Among others, these properties are home to 20 provincially rare Appalachian Hardwood forest species and species of wasp and beetle previously unknown to science.

The Group Award winner receives a cash-prize of $10 000 to support the continuation of their work.

This year’s winner in the Individual category, Jessie Davies of Saint Andrews, was also from New Brunswick, giving the province a double win.

The Hometown Heroes Award program was established in 2004 by Earth Day Canada to recognize and celebrate environmental leaders who have fostered meaningful, long-term community awareness and action.

Earth Day Canada (EDC), a national environmental charity founded in 1990, provides Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools they need to lessen their impact on the environment.


Carl Faulkner (left), Meduxnekeag River Association Board member and George Peabody, Program Coordinator  receive the 2004 New Brunswick Environmental Leadership Award from Brenda Fowlie, Minister of Environment and Local Government

In 2004, the Meduxnekeag River Association won an Environmental Leadership Award from the province of New Brunswick. Nominated in the Communities, Groups and Organizations category, we were up against other finalists including the City of Edmundston and Fredericton’s Science East.

The Award is a recognition of our work in preserving environmentally significant forest and protecting it forever through our Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve, as well as an acknowledgment of the value of our education program, both the guided class visits to the Preserve and our annual Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase competition.

Please visit the awards site for more information.

Association Gets Wildflower Award

The Meduxnekeag River Association has been awarded the 2011 Paul McGaw Memorial Conservation Award by the North American Native Plant Society.

In making the award, the Society cited MRA’s “invaluable work – including public education and landowner co-operation – toward the protection, restoration and appreciation of the Meduxnekeag River Watershed, the richest, most biologically diverse, and highest concentration of mature Appalachian Hardwood Forest sites in Atlantic Canada.”

Among the many provincially rare plant species protected by the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve properties are Wild coffee and Blue cohosh.



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