Meduxnekeag River Association

The Meduxnekeag River Association was formed in Woodstock, New Brunswick in 1995 as a community-based non-profit environmental organization, incorporated in 1998, and received official charitable tax status in 2002. Our purpose:

  • to promote, encourage and assist in the protection, restoration and responsible use of the Meduxnekeag River Watershed;
  • to promote and encourage the protection, conservation and enhancement of wild Brook trout, Brown trout and Atlantic salmon;
  • to co-operate with landowners to conserve the natural riparian zone along the Meduxnekeag and its wildlife and plant species;
  • to preserve remnant Appalachian Hardwood forestsand their inherent biodiversity and natural beauty;
  • to promote public education and awareness of the value of preserving the natural qualities and biodiversity of the unique Meduxnekeag River watershed; and,
  • to co-operate with and support any agency that shares a common purpose with the Association.
Carl Faulkner (left), Meduxnekeag River Association Board member and  George Peabody (right), Program Coordinator  receive the 2004 New Brunswick Environmental Leadership Award from Brenda Fowlie, Minister of Environment and Local Government

Since 1998, the Association has acquired and protected as the Meduxnekeag Valley Nature Preserve 17 environmentally significant properties totaling nmoer than 850 acres. The Association hosts an annual fundraising Dinner and Auction in Woodstock every Spring; organizes an annual student Environmental Showcase competition at local elementary schools; and guides walks by student groups on the Nature Preserve trails (a well-marked 15 km network open to the public). In 2004, we began an 18-month project to develop recommendations for water classification in the Meduxnekeag watershed. In 2006, we began rehabilitation of a riparian zone gravel pit above Red Bridge.

In 2009, we developed, in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, a Natural Areas Conservation Plan for the Meduxnekeag watershed which guides our acquisition policy.

The Meduxnekeag River Association was recognized for its commitment to the protection of the Meduxnekeag River when we received a 2004 New Brunswick Environmental Leadership Award. In 2011, we received the Paul McGaw Memorial Conservation Award from the North American Native Plant Society.

In 2012, Meduxnekeag River Association received the national Hometown Heroes award from Earth Day Canada.

In 2013, we were awarded the New Brunswick Lt-Governor's Award for Excellence in Land Conservation.

Board Members

President: Stephen Wilson

Vice-President: Kent Orlando

Treasurer: Matt Leech

Secretary: Catherine Sutherland

Directors: Darlene Tapley, Carl Faulkner, Rex Brown, Ken Wright, Peter Hall, Peter Porteous, Justin Delong, Allan Lindsay, Mike Martin, Matt Leech, Trina Jones.

Program Coordinators:

George Peabody

Simon J. Mitchell


Get Involved

The success of the Meduxnekeag River Association and in particular the water classification project depends on your involvement.  Whether you have a story to share, want to volunteer, or are interested in exploring a project partnership we’d like to hear from you.

Meduxnekeag River Association
109 Regent Street
Unit 10 Woodstock, New Brunswick
E7M 2N6
Phone: (506) 328-8227




Community Stewardship for the Meduxnekeag Watershed Region
Last update : January 17, 2012